An overview of driving under influence

There are two phrases that one needs to get familiar with when discussing this subject. On e is the use of DUI which means driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the other is DWI which means driving while intoxicated.

Drunk driving is commonly referred to as DUI. And in some states of the United States it might be referred to as DWI. But one thing that remains in all of these fifty states is that drunk driving is considered to be a crime. The way DUI is defined is to be under the influence of alcohol or any other illegal substance or prescription drugs and be caught driving.

In fact the DUI comes under the most serious of driving offenses. You are not only putting yourself at risk but also those around you. You might be surprised to note that out of all the driving offences that take place every one out of three are categorized under DUI. If a person is caught under DUI then they have to obviously shell out heavy penalty. As the trend goes, there are far tougher laws that are being put in place in order to ensure the safety of citizens out on the roads. The new laws make it tougher for DUI Lawyers to find loopholes too.

The way the person is booked under the DUI law is if the alcohol in his blood is found to be of a higher amount then what is permissible. This will be about 0.08% of Blood alcohol content which is also referred to as BAC. Once the blood alcohol content has been established it does not really matter whether this did actually impair or affect your driving. There are certain states that charge DUI as felony which is a serious enough crime to get you a prison term too.

The way the state laws have been prohibited under dui is that a person is not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol, drugs and this does not only include the blood alcohol levels. If the person needs to be proved that he was under the impact of alcohol then it must be proven.

The person should have been at the steering wheel and controlling it whilst it was in motion. At the same time the ability of the person to drive under the influence of the alcohol or drugs impaired judicious thinking and motor reactions. This could have been only in the form of alcohol, only drugs or a mixture of both. This could be the case of how the person is able to withstand his drinks as there might be a few people whose driving can be impaired with just a drink.

Citizens on the streets have been crying out for more and more stringent rules against the offenders and the consequences have been that the rules and penalties are getting stiffer by the day. The best thing to do is to never drink and drive. If you are legally intoxicated and there is an impairment of the senses then the person can be charged for drunk driving. Within a matter of minutes drunk driving can go on to turn your life around in the most drastic of ways.

The person’s weight is largely responsible for the number of drinks that will enable them to be able to reach the limit of 0.08% in the blood stream. If it is a woman there is more of a likelihood of them getting drunk faster because of the body weight. A woman can get drunk only after four drinks whereas a man of average weight can reach the limit of 0.08% within just four drinks.

How would you go on to define a drink as it might be quite relative. A drink is usually a shot of liquor, a glass of wine or a beer which contain the same amount of alcoholic content within them.
Intense research has gone on to this subject and it has been proved that the drivers are able to get 11 times more likely to have a vehicle crash with 0.08% of alcohol in their blood stream then someone who hasn’t drunk any alcohol at all. According to the latest research that is out it has been proven that even just one drink will go on to affect the impairment of a person’s thought process and reflex actions.